Meet Our Massage Therapists

Patients are able to schedule with Mary or Kellie, our licensed massage therapists.

The doctors may recommend some patients get massage if there is some muscle work that would facilitate the healing process in conjunction with your adjustments.

Our massage therapy is covered by most insurance plans, feels great and is great for your body. 


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Massage Therapists Mary and Kellie

Why Chiropractic Massage?

The addition of Chiropractic Massage to your routine boosts the effectiveness of your current therapy. 

  • Deep tissue massage aids in relaxing the muscles of your back so our chiropractors can adjust the subluxations of your spine more fully. 

  • Chiropractic Massage also increases circulation and enhances lymph flow which can in turn improve your immune system. 

  • Finally, Chiropractic Massage just plain feels good, giving both your mind and body relief from any current pain or discomfort.

Mary and Kellie are both trained clinicians in chiropractic massage with years of practice. Discuss massage with the doctors and see if it might be an effective addition to your treatment.