Welcome to The Chiropractic Place of Naperville

The Leading Naperville Chiropractic Clinic

Naperville chiropractors Dr. Andrew and Dr Kelly Czarniewski are committed to offering the most complete chiropractic care in the Naperville area. 

 At The Chiropractic Place of Naperville, we specialize in correcting the underlying spinal conditions responsible for pain and dysfunction through out the body. Because we take pride in the results our patients get, we fully explain each procedure in advance, as understanding the care one receives always gets the best results in the shortest amount of time. 

 Call our Naperville office and let us offer you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you made the right decision when it comes to your and your family’s health. Our consultation is always free, as we believe that it shouldn’t cost anything to find out if we are the right fit for you.

Dr. Andrew Czarniewski

Dr. Kelly Czarniewski

A Mission to Help

Our mission at The Chiropractic Place of Naperville is to address our patients health concerns by correcting underlying spinal dysfunction and to lead our patients and their families to a state of optimal health. Ideal spinal alignment is the first step to a healthy body.

A Family Practice

Our goal is to help entire families from parents to children. Our team is here to address your concerns and get you the results you want. All ages are welcome to experience natural chiropractic care at The Chiropractic Place of Naperville. We’ll make sure your spine is in alignment and your nervous system is working at 100%. We want you to feel your best and live your greatest life.

Corrective and Wellness Care

Our whole body approach to healthcare is what sets us apart from area chiropractors. This means that the structure of your body will be examined and worked on to allow for full function. We start with corrective care and then educate you on a life of wellness. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Determine the root cause of your health concern
  • Recommend a care plan to help get you quick results
  • Discuss your lifestyle and offer ways you can help yourself recover quicker
  • Explain the importance of wellness care

Take Control of Your Health

At The Chiropractic Place of Naperville we offer educational opportunities to support you in maintaining your health. Our goal is to see our patients take control of their health to prevent sickness and live a life of wellness.

Regardless of your health goals, we’re here to provide you with the best chiropractic care possible. It’s your choice to decide how much care you want.

Are you wondering if chiropractic care could work for you? Call us to schedule a consultation and we can help you decide. (630) 718-0848.

What to Expect

At each of your visits our focus is to address your health concerns. Our goal is to help you meet your individual goals and explain what you can expect each step of the way.

On Your Visit to The Chiropractic Place of Naperville

When you first arrive you will be greeted by our friendly staff at the front desk and instructed on filling out our short and streamlined health history. Once you’ve completed the new patient paperwork we will give you a tour of our office and answer any of your questions before you sit down with one of our doctors to discuss what brought you in.

We always offer a complimentary consultation with the doctor to discuss your health goals and determine whether you have an issue that chiropractic can help you with. If we can help, we will do a full chiropractic and orthopedic examination as well as an x-ray examination if appropriate.

This is about gathering all possible information regarding your condition and will require about 30 minutes.

After we study your health history and review our examination findings, we’ll make recommendations to help you get better and reach your health care goals. You will receive your first adjustment after we talk you through the process.  

Our Techniques

The Doctors at The Chiropractic Place of Naperville are experts in a variety of chiropractic techniques. We’ll select the methods best suited to your individual needs so that your care with us is customized to what suits you best. In addition to a long list of chiropractic techniques we offer both passive and active physical therapy modalities as well as massage therapy.


We’ll find what works for you. Give us a call to start the journey to better health! 

(630) 718-0848